Mable needs you to know….

Please note the following information regarding your upcoming reservation:

*In light of the current situation, it is required that each guest of a confirmed reservation MUST purchase an entrée. Please note, additional charges of up to $25/pp may apply if table does not meet this requirement.

* Tables are not available for cocktails (cocktailing) / drinking only. Food purchase required, see above.

* We can not control the weather, and we will NOT be able to accommodate service in inclement weather. Tables seated at the onset of poor weather will be provided to-go packaging and will be required to settle their bill. No discounts or adjusted pricing will be applied due to poor weather. Please be aware no guests will be able to enter the building.

*Please call 773-904-7433 when you have arrived to check-in and receive further check-in instructions. Please line up outside of our entrance on Cortland St - mindful of social distancing - prior to your reservation time.

*Reservations will not be honored past the reservation time. Only complete parties will be seated. DO NOT BE LATE. Please check-in on time! Incomplete parties may result in the loss of reservation.

*Once checked-in, your reservation will be seated as quickly as possible. Please await direction from the host. You will be informed verbally, or by text message, or both when your table is ready.

*All tables, regardless of party size, will be strictly limited to a 1 hour and 30-minute dining experience. Sorry, at this time no extensions will be available.

*All checks will be presented at the 1hr 15min mark.

*All guests will be required to wear a mask until seated and eating. Masks are required when using the bathroom.

*Guests agree to have their temperature taken prior to seating.

* By booking this reservation you AGREE to the terms and conditions set forth above.